Children, and statistics suggest especially young boys, are more likely to sustain dog bites than older people for a number of reasons. Our children are often exposed to unknown dogs while playing at community parks or a friends home. Cautionary judgment, a learned trait, is lacking in kids so they often approach unfamiliar dogs that may have behavioral problems. 

Children most often don't understand the appropriate ways to greet new dogs and their actions can be misconstrued by dogs who can perceive a child as a threat to their food source, space, or other family members.

Most dogs that bite do so out of fear or aggression. Fear can be created in a dog when they perceive human sounds or body language as threatening. Because children play is so varied, dogs are more likely to perceive unfamiliar actions as a threat.

Dogs are more likely to attack children and others when they are exposed to unfamiliar surroundings, places, and and especially when they are tied or chained up. The best way to prevent a dog attack on your child is through educating the child as to canine behavior. And, an alternative, is to simply teach your children not to interact with unknown dogs. Especially dogs that act or appear sick or injured.  Children can and should be taught appropriate ways to interact with dogs and be supervised when interacting with a dog or dogs. .

In California dog owners are responsible when their dog bites someone. If a dog has bitten your child, it is very important to gather information about the attack for medical and legal reasons. Information about the canine, its owner, and circumstances involving the dog bite attack should be organized. California has strict liability laws pertaining to dog bite cases and dog bite victims. Persons injured as a result of a dog bite may to seek compensation for their damages through the courts. But note, "strict liability" only applies to dog bites. It does not apply if the dog only runs into or pushes or knocks the victim over. If there is no actual dog bite, the plaintiff must prove negligence. Negligence can be proven if the owner violated a local leash law, or kept custody or control of the canine with knowledge that it was dangerous and-or aggressive. Read More

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Child ages five to nine are at the highest risk for getting bit or attacked by a dog. Statistics reveal over four hundred thousand children receive medical care annually for dog bite related injuries in the U.S. alone. And upwards to 75% of these dog bite injuries involve injury to the head or neck region.

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